If you call 9-1-1 will the dispatcher send you help?
You will be shocked what the FCC exposed!

We all know how important it is that the 911 dispatcher should know your address instantly. It might make the difference between life and death.

We are so accustomed to see on our apps the blue circle finding our location that we think that when we call 911 from a cellphone the operator also gets it right away. But the FCC recent ruling trying to get wireless carriers to make the system better shows that this is far from correct. And It won’t be fixed fully anywhere in the near future.

Watch how a call from within a 911 center. Shocking!

John Oliver describes it best.

Unfortunately, the FCC decided that it can’t force carriers to fix the problem completely. the technology that the carriers should make the exact location available to 911 dispatchers is too costly.

So instead the FCC  made the carriers that by 2021 it will be better accuracy but it won’t be fixed totally.

Even in the year 2021 with the proposed upgrading implementation 1 out of 5 calls are still expected to not receive any location data at all. And the rest will also not be exactly but within a few hundred feet .

Not good at all.

But this is the best that can be expected.

That’s why the government and the FCC tell you to still keep a real home phone for in case of emergency’s even if you have the best cell phone coverage all around your house.  VoIP from a reliable company is fine . But not a cellphone.

With our home phone service if you are ever in an emergency and you call 9-1-1 the operator will instantly receive your address adress. No time wasted. No confusion. No wrong counties. Get Help right away!!!