Do you love being harassed by telemarketers trying to ROB you of your money?

Suffer NO-MORE – U.S. consumers are estimated to be slammed by an average 2.5 Billion Robocalls. These telemarketers scam you out of your money and rob your peace.

Not only do we  effectively eliminate most robo-callers, we also trick them into thinking that your number is not active so that they remove you from their list.

Here is how it works.

We have partnered with a vendor that tracks Billions of calls and with a special algorithm flags all calls that are suspected as robo-callers. If you enable the Block Robo-callers feature, For every call that comes in we check if this number is in database of robo-caller and we reject the call. This way not only don’t you get Harassed by the telemarketer, the Telemarketers system thinks that your numbers does not exists and takes you off their marketing list. Our Database has already helped block tens of millions of Robo-calls.
However in the very unlikely reason that a call you want is being blocked. You will be able to white list the number so that it should no more be blocked.