Ever Missed an important phone call? Never Again!!!

Ever Waited for the doctors office to call you back in order to be able to speak to the doctor, get results of a test, or notify you that someone has canceled and the slot has become available but  you just had stepped outside and missed the call?

Now you lost your spot and have to wait again a good few hours or for tomorrow till a new slot becomes available. If the pain is too strong you might need to spend the night in the emergency room.

Missed the doctors call and was left suffering in pain for a whole day!

You’re suffering in pain.

Want to know if you can increase the painkillers dosage? Waiting for the doctor’s office to call you back when they have an empty slot?

Don’t you dare step out to catch some fresh air to ease your pain, You might suffer for the remaining of the day!

One of my wife’s friends shared with us how they woke up one day not feeling well and having as she described it excruciating pain. They called the doctor for an emergency appointment and the secretary told her that she doesn’t have a slot but she will call her as soon as she sees that she can push her in somewhere between appointments. She waited around ½ hour but then she stepped outside to catch a little fresh air to ease her pain and when she came back she saw that she missed the doctor’s call. She called back right away but by then she was told that someone already took that slot and she had to wait till the next day for an appointment.

In the end she couldn’t wait so long and she went to the emergency room where she waited around for hours till they gave her a prescription for some medication and pain killers with instructions to visit her physician as soon as possible.

She asked me Why did I have to go through so much suffering and anguish because I stepped out for a few minutes to catch some fresh air?

Can you imagine going through this?
Now, You don’t have to anymore!

Here’s how we can help you with the following options!

You only have one phone number

You can  have us set (or even set it yourself online)  a list of numbers that you want their calls should be treated differently than other calls.

It could be your mom, children, doctor, school, very close friends, If any of these important  callers call you can have it that their call should also ring your cellphone or several phones. You can also set it that first it should ring at home and only if no one picks up at home will it ring on other phones also.

Get a second private number

Give out this number only for your very important contacts . And anybody that calls this private number will have their calls forwarded to you if no one picks up at home or any of the other forwarding options. This way you don’t have to have to set up a list of telephone numbers . You just give your important contact this private number and viola, If they call they will get VIP treatment.