The Everlasting Marriage and Family Bonding Feature.

Don’t let anyone ruin your marriage or your child’s future.

You sit down to dinner and are in middle of conversation with your spouse or child and suddenly

Dring! Dring, Dring,

the phone rings.

you stop the conversation and go to pick up the phone.

Do you know how your spouse or son feels?

Do you know the statistics of how many marriage problems start because the husband or wife feel that they or their conversation is not so important to their spouse?   How do you think your husband feels (or how you feel when your husband does it to you) when in middle of speaking with your husband you jump up to take the phone? Getting disconnected from your spouse is VERY PAINFUL! Who do you think he FEELS is more important to you , him or the person on the phone? Or even worse when he feels that you were just waiting for an opportunity to finish already listening to his boring day?

Child abuse? Drugs?

Do you know that according to research by …. And many others, the most important quality time that a parent can give to their child to show them how much you love them is when your children come home from school?

How do you think your child feels if you give her a half hearted hello and then continue on right to the phone?

Would your child feel loved ? would you child feel that he or she is the most important thing on the world for you?

No wonder so many children grow up feeling not loved , and then go find themselves the worst kind of friends and do all sort of things with drugs or dangerous relationships regardless how much their parents are pleading with them to stop.

Don’t let anyone do this to you!

Its not your fault!

We are used to always pick up the phone and this is an ingrained habit that is very hard to change. Besides when the phone rings it disturbs and the conversation is already disturbed.

But you can’t just take the phone off the hook because then the caller will be getting a busy signal and won’t even be able to leave a voicemail. Besides many times you will just forget to put back the phone on the hook and everyone will be getting a busy signal for the whole night.

Here’s how we can help you solve this problem!

You can have us set up your phone system that it should AUTOMATICALLY not ring at designated times like at dinner and when your children come home from school. All calls at these times should go straight to Voicemail . After the designated time the phone will start ringing again automatically.

We can even set it up that important calls should be allowed through while regular calls are not allowed through as explained later.

This way if your mom, child, doctors office calls the call will still go through while all other callers will not be allowed through.