Stop the Frustrating Time Vampire.

You come home and and you need to take care of the kids, need to prepare supper. you wallk into the kitchen and what do you see?

OH My , there are 10 voicemail left on the machine! I don’t have time now for this!

But maybe one of the messages are important? you can’t just ignore all the voicemails.

So you have no choice but to listen to all the messages.  while your kids are trying to get your  attention at the same time.

Isn’t this frustrating?

Wouldn’t it have been much better to get each voicemail as an attachment to your email so you can listen to it when you have time.

Even better being able to see in the email from who this voicemail is from (and a transcription of it)  so you know right away if its at all important to listen to it or not.

Our Phone Solution makes this possible

Get your Voicemail on your cell phone Transcribed in an email including an attachment of the recording so you can read or listen to it when you are on the go. We will also save a copy of your voicemail online if you ever need it.